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Green Key is an international eco-label awarded to accommodations and other hospitality facilities that commit to sustainable business practices It aims to Increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. It focuses on environmental management, technical demands and initiatives for the involvement of guests, staff and suppliers.

It holds strict criteria across different categories and we thrive to implement its sustainable philospohy into our family run business.
Guesthouse »Fitness & Rooms Levc« invites you to help reducing the electrical energy and water, while maintaining sustainable practices and responsible behavior.

For us, that implies:

  •   Commitment to reduce the frequency of cleaning our units while occupated
  •   Electrical self sufficiency with pannels
  •   Locally produced vegetables and fruits
  •   Commitment for active involvement into enviroment polic with local authorities

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These steps are simple measures for you – but they have a great environmental impact.

Help us to further reduce our environmental footprint and our use of resources by following these tips during your stay:  

Use the towel an extra day

To reduce the use of detergent, packaging, water and energy, we offer you the possibility to use your towel an extra day. If you wish to reuse your towel, please hang it up. Otherwise leave it on the floor, and it will be changed.

Sort the waste

Waste is a resource that can be reused. Leave paper, newspaper and batteries in the room or on the conference table and put bottles and cardboard next to the bin.

Drink water from the tap

1 litre of drinking water from the tap sends between 1000 and 2000 times less CO2 into the atmosphere than 1 litre of bottled water. Ask at reception if you can drink the tap water if you are unsure.

Use public transportation or bicycles

Bicycles, bus, train and metro are more environmentally friendly than cars. Find information about public transportation and rental bikes online or ask in the reception. If you are lucky, your hotel might even have bikes to lend out!

Share your opinions about the hotel’s green efforts

Green Key welcomes opinions, thoughts and ideas on the green efforts of its awarded sites. Please visit our website to leave your comment and we will administer your feedback as soon as possible.

Find green and blue experiences

There might be great natural beauty, hiking, biking or running routes or other green activities around or close to your hotel. Find your experiences online or ask at reception.