About us

The Levc farm with the Puncer family is located at the entrance into the Upper Savinja Valley, in the vicinity of Mozirski gaj - the Slovenian gardeners’ park, and only 6 km away from the lower Golte ski resort station. On our farm you can see horses, rabbits and pigs. The beginnings of our farm date back to 1980. Since then we have been offering our guests bed and breakfast in our double or triple rooms.

After the renovation of our barn we also made a gym with different tools and equipment to help you shape your body. The farm is situated at the foot of Dobrovlje hill and is therefore an excellent starting point for all the runners, hikers and cyclists. The Savinja river flows only 1 km away from our farm. With its 'Alpine character' the river is popular and well-known among fishermen. Mozirje, where you will find shops and restaurants, is located 2 km away.

On the farm and in its vicinity there are various ways of recreation and amusement, which you can experience in the unspoilt nature. The Upper Savinja Valley is rich in culture, history and natural wonders, and it also offers a great variety of sports and recreation.